Frequently Asked Questions
What is National Internship Program?
The National Internship Programmme is designed for the benefit of educated and unemployed youth having domicile/Permanent residence of federal region(ICT,FATA,GILGIT,BALTISTAN,and AJK)all over the country, who have completed sixteen years of education from HEC recognized universities or degree awarding institutions. The scheme is intended to provide hands on experience and temporary financial relief to unemployed and educated youth and also to keep them engaged and interested in acquiring additional knowledge and real work life experiences, thereby facilitating their improved employability in the country.

What is the eligibility criterion for selection in the program?
The program is open to all unemployed postgraduates & graduates of Federal Region having completed sixteen (16) years of education from HEC recognized institutions , including the external candidates. The maximum age limit for consideration under the program is 26 years by 31st, December, 2012. children of federal govt. posted at islamabad are also eligible to this programme

How can I apply for the internship and what is the more efficient mode of application?
The program launch and application details are widely advertised throughout Pakistan through print. The program information is also available from all HEC recognized universities as well as headquarters of provincial and district governments. The preferred option for candidates is to apply only on line through website ( The on-line mode will be in best interest of candidates, which will facilitate prompt processing of applications, their placement and easy response. However, candidates genuinely having no computer access can apply through hard copy by postal mail using application form given in the advertisement.

How is the internship under the program different from a regular government employment?
The internship under the program is in no way an offer (immediately or subsequently) of a government job. It is a training excercise which will automatically terminate after one year and as such must not be construed as granting any right to absorption or job with the government.

What are the monetary and non-monetary benefits of the internship under the program?
The interns will be entitled to a monthly stipend of Rupees ten thousand (all inclusive) during the period of their placement, subject to satisfactory performance, duly verified by the recipient organizations. Other than normal OPD treatment, interns shall not be entitled to any other monetary or non-monetary/fringe benefits during the term of their placement.

Are there any other benefits of the internship in terms of future employment prospects?
Due to placement with government institutions having functional similarity with intern's academic credentials and also due to the hands on experience, the interns will definitely have a competitive edge for future job selections. Similarly, the attachment of the interns with relevant government institutions will provide them the appropriate exposure as well as enhanced employability in the job markets.

If I successfully complete internship, will I be given any certificate?
All interns successfully completing the internship will be awarded internship completion certificate by the government.

Will my preference for placement in a certain department or location as intern be considered?
The interns will be placed in the government organizations located at Federal Regions(i.e ICT,FATA,GILGIT,BALTISTAN,and AJK)having functional similarity with their academic background. The preference in terms of geographical location of the placements by the interns will also be considered so far as practicable. However, the final decision in both these matters shall rest with the competent authority, which will be binding on all interns.

In case, one leaves the internship before one year, will there be any penalty or any other implication?
There will be no penalty, in case internship is discontinued on account of a reason duly communicated to the client organization. However, the payment of stipend will automatically be discontinued from the date, the intern may have left the placement. Moreover, no internship completion certificate will be awarded to such interns.

What will be the assignments that I will be required to undertake during my placement as an intern?
All organizations receiving the interns shall be given proper orientation, mentoring and placement program for the whole period of intern's association within the organization. Such program will be designed to ensure maximum utility of the intern's output during his/her stay with the recipient organization. The mentoring and constant monitoring by the focal persons will be designed to ensure that the interns actually benefit from their association and their stay is made meaningful in terms of the activities performed and results achieved.

Is it possible to seek transfer of placement as intern from one department/location to another?
No such transfer will be possible and the interns shall have to complete their assignments at the designated place and institution.

What is the address of NIPO Office?
National Internship Programme Office,
M/O Proffesional & Technical Training,
Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat,
Room #1 , 10th Floor, F-6/1,